Client Testimonials

When Ozzie and I met Pete in August 2008, we were on the verge of desperation. Ozzie’s background left him with more skeletons than you could count in his closet—I had tried to work through them, but had hit a brick wall. Ozzie and I were frustrated, and riding was becoming not fun. On the recommendation of a neighbor, I visited Pete for an evaluation. In September 2009, Ozzie arrived at the barn for training. Over the past few years, the change in my horse has been remarkable. Ozzie’s “ghosts” are more deep-seated than we ever realized, but I stand true to my affirmation that it would take a special trainer to work through them. As a professional member of the horse industry, I’ve met many trainers and seen their methods at work, but I truly believe Pete is the only trainer capable of helping my horse. Pete is willing to think outside of the box, dedicated to treating the whole horse through traditional and alternative methods while keeping the principles of horsemanship central. My horse is the greatest testament to Pete’s methods: Ozzie’s attitude has improved, along with his temperament, musculature, work ethic and physical ability. For me, riding is fun again. If you’re looking for a quick, artificial fix or a “get ‘em in, get ‘em out” sale barn, Rose Gate Farm isn’t the place for you. However, if you’re looking for an honest, capable trainer who is willing to diagnose and remedy your horse’s true limitations, Pete is your man. I trust Pete’s methods and guidance completely, and I can’t imagine a better trainer to maximize a horse’s abilities to its greatest potential.
— Jessica Hein, Editor for American Paint Horse Association

My story begins when I sent my Half-Arabian mare to Pete to be SOLD. She was sour and resentful — and I was frustrated and resentful as well. The first thing he said was, “I can fix your horse”. I wanted her SOLD not “fixed” but agreed to let him work his “magic” for awhile. It wasn’t long before my mare showed a sense of respect and trust in him. It was out of this trust that a partnership slowly began to develop for the first time between me and my horse. As she grew more trusting and confident, my own faith, trust and confidence began to grow. I never sold my beautiful little mare and eventually brought her home. Together, we have earned many Regional Sport Horse/Dressage Top 5’s and many Regional Reserve Champion Titles. She has also achieved her AHA Legion of Honor and Legion of Supreme Honor. But, most important of all, we have a true bond and partnership. When Pete tells you, “I can fix your horse”, believe him. He can transform your horse and you will be profoundly changed by the process. My journey began out of frustration and faith. I never imagined the blessings, life lessons and growth that would come my way because of this experience. This is our success story and it all started with, “Once upon a time at Rose Gate Farm........
— Sara Craig and LA Gabrielle's Magic ++/

Pete has worked with several of our horses and we’re always pleased with the results. His patient, steady, compassionate manner works for green, spooky, skittish horses as well as made horses who need just a touch up. I’ve seen Pete on trails, in parades, in shows and in the paddock. He knows horses’ minds. Ranch, rodeo and training experience have left a deep respect for animals and a gentle manner that gets results for horses and riders alike. He’s frank about a horse’s potential and he’ll let you know before you’ve spent a lot of money on a lost cause. Whether it’s hunter-jumpers, trail horses or show horses, Pete gets every horse to do the very best he can. I know of few compliments that describe a man better than ‘horseman.’ Pete Lichau is a very good horseman and I’m pleased to call him a friend. He’s the only trainer I recommend.
— Jay Crum of Thistle Farm

I loved reading your stories about working with Pete. I would like to share some inspiring words. I met Pete in December of 2007 and was a client of his at that time. Over the years, Pete has worked with me and my horses, and has taught me so much about connecting with my horse and understanding how we work together. Pete’s not only a trainer, he’s a great instructor and most of all a leader — and has become a great friend over the years. He has given me opportunities that I have never thought I would do in my lifetime and I am always available when he needs a rider in spare. I appreciate Pete and Rachel so much!
— Jaclyn Castoe, Client

Pete not only turned our horse back into the vibrant, majestic Friesian that he is; he also helped guide us through a very difficult period of life back into a state of grace and happiness.When life was spinning, seemingly out of control, Pete showed us through the mind and strength of our own horse, how to stay balanced and ride out the storm.

As we followed Pete and Hawk back to Texas that first day, the sky was black ahead with large bolts of lightning shimmering down to earth. Little did we realize, that Pete would show us how to capture that energy and shine once again.
— Betsy and Jenny Hsu, Steadfast Farms
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My daughter, Teerana, is one of Pete’s students. We met Pete in 2009. At that time, we were looking for a facility where my daughter could take lessons. We (the whole family) visited Pete’s farm and were impressed with the facility and the love and care he had, not only for the horses, but all the animals at the farm. At that moment, we knew we found the place.

My daughter has been riding with Pete once a week since we met. What we can see is that Pete always encourages her and always tries to bring the best out of her. What I can say is that she is having a great time with a great teacher. Thanks a bunch, Pete.
— Sumet Thabinthong, client and proud parent

Pete has been watching me with my “foul” foal for months now and has named me ‘Mother Goose’. He made me a bench and wrote my name on it. It made me feel special. Pete sees all and cares.
— Debbie Barton, client

I met Pete not as a client but as an employee. When he hired me, I knew nothing about horses, which may lead you to ask, “So why did he hire you?” Pure faith. He saw through my inexperience and right into my heart where a great, uncovered passion lay in wait. Now I can ride like the rest of them and Pete has become a life-long friend. This is how Pete approaches every client. He searches for positive qualities and leaves the negativity behind. He teaches by feeling, instructing the rider that when his head and heart are ready, the horse will naturally follow his lead. Pete deals intimately with each horse and client, solving problems and imparting wisdom where help is needed. ‘Every horse has a different story to tell,’ he says. For Pete, training a horse is simply taking each story and giving it an ending.
— Lisa Kilian, client

Words (some wise old sage observed) are vehicles of thought and my friend Pete reflects an array of good ‘uns. Dedication, Honour, Knowledge with a quest for more, Christian values all melted down into these words: A Horseman, A good one.
— Saddlemakin' Friend, Peter Hennessy

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